Monday, February 23, 2009

Shapes and patterns

Think ‘Shapes and patterns’ was one of the tips the editor of a dive magazine gave me when we talked about my competition entries and what makes a winning photograph. On my next dive trip I started paying more attention to this.
I remember photographing an emperor shrimp on a seacucumber and waiting forever until it moved and was nicely framed on a white band in between two brown patches. I managed to take a few shots before it moved and the results were far more interesting than the photos I took while only concentrating on the shrimp. The Anemone shrimp pictured here is a similar story. A common species I photographed many times before but this time around I positioned myself so I could get a clear shot of the centre of the anemone and waited for the shrimp to move into the frame.

Periclimenes holthuisi, Misool Eco Resort House reef


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